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AUDEMARS PIGUET A new generation connected with Royal Oak Royal Oak series "JUMBO" ultra-thin view is full of vitality This year coincides with the 50th anniversary on the Royal Oak series, Switzerland Luxury replica watches brand AUDEMARS PIGUET is pleased to launch the latest generation of Royal Maple Royal Oak 39mm "Jumbo" ultra-thin watch (Ref. 16202), equipped with the new Audemars Piguet 7121 automatic Winding ultra-thin movement.

The latest ultra-thin wristwatches are available in stainless steel, platinum, 18 CARAT rose gold and 18K gold. The latter two elements have contributed to the promo of the Royal Oak sequence to some classic watch. All four swiss watches are equipped with an exclusive 50th house warming automatic dial in the similar color as the case. Typically the next-generation "Jumbo" ultra-thin enjoy pays tribute to the half a century of climax design invention of the Royal Oak Regal Oak series with incredible contrasts, rich materials, amazing colors and unique exterior decoration.

Audemars Piguet Noble Oak Royal Oak line "JUMBO" ultra-thin watch or diameter: 39mm / motion: 7121 automatic winding movements / power reserve: 55 a long time / waterproof depth: 50m

This is the first time since 72 that the Royal Oak “Jumbo” ultra-thin watch is equipped with a whole new movement. The Audemars Piguet 7121 self-winding movement after some time, minutes and date present functions, accompanied by the new referrals 16202 "Jumbo" watch. Hunting back in 1972, the 2121 movement, which came out with typically the Royal Oak series, is the thinnest movement in the world using a central automatic dial and also date display at that time, which has a thickness of only three or more. 05 mm.Cheap luxury watches

The movement is retired at the end of 2021 along with replaced by the 7121 activity. Audemars Piguet's engineers in addition to watchmakers worked together to make and produce a new mobility with a thickness of solely 3. 2 mm for any "Jumbo" ultra-thin watch, that may be perfectly incorporated into a event with a thickness of main. 1 mm without which affects its beauty. Thin determine. Not only that, the winding base also has a new function regarding quick date adjustment.

Over the sapphire crystal glass scenario back of the watch, you can prefer the 7121 movement, which follows the tradition of okay watchmaking, and the extremely gentle hand-finished decoration, including C?tes de Gen?ve, brushed buffing, grained circle polishing and many others.

The development of the new 7121 categor?a took five years and it has the structure has been redesigned for a longer power reserve than ever before. The more expensive diameter barrel gives the wristwatch more power and sustains its accuracy for a longer stretch of time. The modern central automatic compact disk is mounted on ball bearings and is self-winding in both recommendations using two converters formulated in the Audemars Piguet Creation. The inertia block having fine-tuning effect is specifically embedded in the balance controls, which avoids unnecessary mischief. In addition , the Audemars Piguet 7121 movement also has some sort of patented ultra-thin energy-saving night out setting mechanism.www.chronowrist.ru

Often the 50th anniversary automatic dvd will be a prominent feature of the Royal Oak Anniversary products launching in 2022.

The newest generation Royal Oak "Jumbo" ultra-thin watch is equipped with a new 22K gold 50th everlasting nature exclusive automatic dial, which often not only presents the 50th anniversary logo through hollowing out skills, but also engraves the Audemars Piguet brand. The anniversary model attributes an automatic dial in the identical colour as the case, a fragile match usually reserved for unwanted effect timepieces. Like the case, often the automatic disc is staggered with matte grinding as well as polishing and chamfering, which will doubles the beauty.

The new systems "Jumbo" stainless steel watch follows the design features of the original Sup?rieur Oak in 1972. The metal case and strap tend to be handcrafted with matte and also polished chamfers interlaced, along with a small "Petite Tapisserie" floor in the classic "Cloudy Nighttime Blue 50" tone.

The actual tone of "Cloudy Nights Blue 50" was at first developed by the Stern Brothers Floor Workshop in Geneva. The particular special blue is manufactured by electroplating. Of course , the mixture of the electroplating solution is critical, but whether the time and heat range are just right is the key to help success or failure. If taken out of the actual bath too early, the surface will likely be purple, if soaked intended for too long it will turn black color. Next, mix a few is catagorized of black pigment (shade 50) into the protective coloring and apply a thin layer on the surface. The "cloud" inside hue name describes the particular cloudy rendering that occurs when typically the black pigment comes in contact with often the protective paint. Today, as a way to ensure the same color along with lustre of all the same-color designs in the series, the “Cloudy Night Blue 50” hued is produced in-house by means of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology.www.cheapestwrist.co

Equally the rose gold and gold types of the new generation "Jumbo" set are matched with the brand's classic "Petite Tapisserie" modest check surface. A new smoky hue adorns the surface, while using 18K rose gold version another with the smoky grey conclude, while the smoky yellow gold contributes a radiant glow into the 18K yellow gold version. Equally surface colours are generated by electroplating, then the surfaces are put on a turret and, because they are rotated, the outer edges are usually carefully spray-painted to create a smoky effect that reflects the actual shimmering drapery of the patterns decoration.

The rose gold in addition to gold models are associated with rose gold and gold time markers, Royal Oak hands and fingers and the “AP” logo, these all follow the design of the original Supr?me Oak models.

Through the blue crystal case back, you could admire the 50th birthday automatic disc in 22K rose gold or yellow gold. Typically the then uncommon rose gold see appeared in the Royal Pine collection in the mid-1980s, together with the first rose gold “Jumbo” clock being the reference 15202 released in 2006. Precious rose gold colored and yellow gold material, contains a place in the Royal Walnut Royal Oak series.Cheap Porsche Design Watches

Often the Audemars Piguet Home Copy features a hand-finished 950 gold case with a sun-patterned smoky green surface for an exquisite contrast. This lucky collaboration, launched last year, won the particular "Best Classic Timepiece Award" at the Geneva Watchmaking Prizes in November 2021. Place in a few drops of natural pigment to the protective shade on the surface for a brilliant environment friendly color. A smoky outcome is then added to the outer is bordered by of the surface to make the colouring more intense and deeply.

The platinum version with the new generation Royal Pecan “Jumbo” ultra-thin watch with 2022 is one of the very few 39mm models made of this special material today.

The classic knobs of the "Jumbo" timepieces are generally complete: the three-dimensional hour-markers, the "AP" logo on 6 o'clock, and the bathtub-shaped Royal Oak hands, deadbeat white gold. Through the sapphire crystal clear case back, you can see typically the 50th anniversary automatic game in rhodium-toned 22K rose gold colored.best Cheap watches

More than three decades ago, the Royal Oak observe designed by G?rald Genta to get Audemars Piguet subverted often the mainstream watch design then. The hand-finished stainless steel system, the octagonal bezel predetermined with eight exposed hexagonal screws, the design-inspired one-piece strap, and the self-winding ultra-thin movement lead fine horological industry into a new generation. A wonderful fit for ever-changing ways of life. The 39mm diameter, that is huge by the standards and the majority, earned this high-end activities watch the nickname "Jumbo".

This year, the “Jumbo” ultra-thin watch has been upgraded with a new version (reference 16202), and four styles with different resources and surface colors usually are launched in one fell soar, celebrating 50 years of fast design innovation history. The modern generation Royal Oak "Jumbo" ultra-thin watch has popped a new title page due to the family history while retaining the structure features of reference 15202. The fresh Audemars Piguet self-winding ultra-thin movement perfectly fits the of modern people.BRM V12-44 CORVETTE RACING YELLOW HANDS V12-44-COR-01
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